Charlie Casey
Charlie Casey
Vital statistics
Title Doctor
Gender Male
Status Alive
Known Relatives Jill Casey (Ex-Wife)
Appearances Charlie Casey - List of Appearances
Portrayed By Bruno Campos

Charlie Casey is Jill's ex-husband and a doctor at Hampton's Heritage. He is portrayed as a pompous jerk unable to take no for an answer, yet seemingly liked among the higher staff, where Jill once stated, "through any disaster he has come out of clean, leaving me to clean up the mess". When things do not work out with Jill, she gives him an ultimatum to choose between her and his job, and he chooses his job. When Jill attempts to file for divorce, Charlie flees the country to invalidate it, though when he returns, he hints that he might let the divorce go through, yet he repeatedly postpones signing it to try to woo her. He is alluded to in several episodes, most of the times being brought up by Jill when Hank does something that reminds her of Charlie and makes her believe she is making the same mistake again. Charlie eventually makes an appearance halfway through the first season, when he confronts Jill and gets brambles removed by Hank. He also gets his old job back at Hamptons Heritage. He is trying to win Jill back, which complicates things with Jill and Hank and hinders their relationship for a while. In the Season 1 finale, she kicks Charlie out of her house. It is also revealed he quit from Hampton's Heritage and moved away.

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