Emily Peck
Emily Peck
Vital statistics
Title Doctor
Gender Female
Status Alive
Known Relatives
Appearances Emily Peck - List of Appearances
Portrayed By Anastasia Griffith

Emily Peck is a rival concierge doctor. She is young and overachieving, with an arrogant attitude. She has a podcast and believes in schmoozing her patients much more than Hank does. She is hired by Boris as a substitute for Hank during his (extended) stay in Cuba, and Divya has trouble putting up with her. She is seemingly not as caring a person as Divya is, as she didn't even move when she saw a child in danger. She also seems to be unable to see fault in what she does, often blaming others who don't like her, such as believing Divya became defensive around women. She later moves to the Hamptons, claiming that the Hamptons are big enough for the both of them. Overall appearing to take the place of Charlie for the arrogant doctor in season 2. She and Hank carry on a relationship for portions of Season 2.

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