Jill McGillicuddy
Vital statistics
Title International Doctor for a Private Company
Gender Female
Status Alive
Known Relatives Hank Lawson (Husband)

Ernie McGillicuddy (Brother)

Charlie Casey (ex-husband)

Appearances Jill Casey - List of Appearances
Portrayed By Jill Flint

Jill McGillicuddy is Hank Lawson's romantic interest and a former administrator at the local hospital. She repeatedly flirts with Hank, though their relationship becomes awkward, especially after her previously-separated husband, Charlie Casey, returns.

Ambivalent towards the superficial, wealthy summer residents, down-to-earth Jill navigates around the politics to fulfill her job and handle the hospital business. She strongly respects Hank and his decision to save the life of a teen rather than a hospital patron. However, Jill is challenged with the distrust the residents feel towards her hospital and its ability to properly provide for the Hampton rich and famous. Although the only hospital in town, many residents opt for the Concierge Doctors program that Hank participates in. Nevertheless, Jill's mission is to tend to the "ordinary folk" of Hampton who need just as much care as the wealthy.

After a heart-to-heart during a walk on the beach, the chemistry between Jill and Hank is obvious and she's clearly happy to hear that he will be sticking around. Ultimately, there's more to Jill than meets the eye. And when her personal secret is revealed, it just may derail the potential romance between Hank and Jill. Jill is friends with Hank