Paige Lawson
Paige Collins
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Known Relatives Evan R. Lawson (Husband)

Lena Lawson (Adopted Daughter)
Wes Lawson (Adopted Son)
Ian Lawson (Adopted Son)
Bill Lawson (Son)
Ted Lawson (Son)
Ret. General William Collins (Adoptive-Father)
Ellen Collins (Adoptive-Mother)
Eddie Lawson (Father-In-Law)
Catherine (Mother-In-Law)
Toots Newberg (Mother-In-Law)
Hank Lawson (Brother-In-Law)
Jill Casey (Sister-In-Law)
Emma Lawson (Sister-In-Law)

Appearances Paige Lawson - List of Appearances
Portrayed By Brooke D'Orsay

Paige Adele Lawson (née Collins) is first introduced as an upper-class girl who pays Evan to pretend to be her boyfriend while she has a relationship with a much older man. She is somewhat domineering, as is her father, who is a retired general. She is also naive, and believes that any problem can be solved by money. She engages in many hobbies befitting her high social status including hunting, painting, golf, and surfing, and has a long list of connections she can call upon.

Her first appearance, "Comfort's Overrated", was when her boyfriend Graham, a man in his 50s, was injured in a surfing accident. She attempts to hire Hank as a "faux-beau", a fake boyfriend to cover from her parents who are questioning her lack of evidence of having a boyfriend. While Hank declines, Evan manages to convince her to hire him, which leads to a day of makeovers and photo shoots. During this, Evan begins to fall in love with her, which Paige fails to or refuses to consider. Graham breaks up with her as he leaves for his African photo shoot, wishing that she did not feel the need to hide him from her parents.

However, her "faux-beau" diversion was still in effect, and in "Frenemies" Evan is taken to meet her parents. When her father blindsides them by taking them to a year-round hunting grounds, and Evan's inadequacy leads to him being (minorly) injured. After realizing Evan's dedication to her, and hearing his heartfelt, unrehearsed speech on her own dedications, she decides to take him out for dinner. After some major ups and downs in their relationship, Evan and Paige say "I love you" in Season 2 Episode 17. At the end of the second season she invites Evan to join her in a trip to Europe and at Hank's urging he agrees.

In the 3rd season, Evan proposed to Paige. In the 4th season, Paige found out she was adopted. At the season 4 finale, Paige and Evan got married.

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