Royal Pains is about a New York City doctor, Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein) who is fired after a hospital trustee dies under his supervision. He subsequently loses all possibility for another job in medicine when his original hospital reports his name to every single hospital in the country, and breaks up with his fiancee whom is fed up with him. He falls into depression and sits at his apartment eating junk food and watching soaps and movies in his underwear while workers hired by his ex-fiancee clean out his home of "their" possessions. Hank's brother, Evan R. Lawson, goes to his apartment and finds Hank's state has not changed. Evan decides to bring him to a weekend in the Hamptons to cheer his brother up. After faking himself as family to get into a party held by a very esteemed resident crudely known as "Boris" (few can recite his full name), Hank prevents Boris's concierge doctor, a very expensive, on-call doctor, from misdiagnosing a collapsed patient. Boris is impressed with Hank's work and how he allowed Boris to retain his privacy and offers him payment and a spot as a new concierge doctor. Hank declines both saying he is only staying for the weekend and that he was ethically bound to help a person in need. While leaving, Hank discovers Boris is very determined to repay others for their services as he finds a suitcase containing a gold bar in the back of his convertible planted by the valet. Word travels fast and the next morning he is called by a teenager to treat his girlfriend following a car accident. He returns to his hotel to find the patient he had treated the night before and an Indian woman, Divya, asking to become Hank's PA (Physician Assistant). He decides to take on the situations one by one. On the balcony, his previous patient reveals her interest in him. Hank promptly diagnoses it as Nightingale's Syndrome and asks her to come back in 30 days if her feelings continue. While trying to explain to Divya that he does not plan to take up Boris's offer he receives another patient, Mrs. Newberg, who is calling for medical assistance from Hampton's only hospital. He treats her and begins to discover an opportunity in practicing medicine an entirely new way... It also explores the fun of masturbation.

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