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The first season of Royal Pains premiered on June 4, 2009 on the USA Network in the United States and concluded on August 27, 2009.


Main charactersEdit

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Broadcasted episodesEdit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
150px Pilot Writer: Teleplay: Andrew Lenchewski

Story: John P. Rogers and Andrew Lenchewski

Director: Jace Alexander June 4, 2009 #101
A recently fired, Brooklyn, emergency room doctor discovers an entirely new way to practice medicine after his career shatters following the death of a hospital trustee.
150px There Will Be Food Writer: Michael Rauch Director: Don Scardino June 11, 2009 #102
A ballerina Evan is dating loses consciousness after he feeds her junk foods she had to give up to keep her dancer's physique.
150px Strategic Planning Writer: Andrew Lenchewski Director: Jace Alexander June 18, 2009 #103
Hank gets called in when a Senator's son gets infected with an unknown disease.
150px TB or Not TB Writer: Constance M. Burge Director: Constantine Makris June 18, 2009 #104
On the day that Hank had previously planned to get married he spends time with Jill. Meanwhile, a Tuberculosis scare at a high-end Italian restaurant leads to a mysterious illness for the head chef, and Evan and Divya learn to work together.
150px No Man is an Island Writer: Carol Flint Director: Don Scardino July 9, 2009 #105
Hank and Evan accompany a wealthy family to a party on a technology-free private island.
150px If I Were a Sick Man Writer: Jon Sherman Director: Dennie Gordon July 16, 2009 #106
Hank quarantines guests at a dog party after several people come down with a serious disease.
150px Crazy Love Writer: Jessica Ball Director: Bronwen Hughes July 23, 2009 #107
Hank discovers that there is more then meets the eye with Boris.
150px The Honeymoon's Over Writer: Jason Gavin Director: Eric Laneuville July 30, 2009 #108
Hank treats a children's book illustrator with a serious heart condition.
150px It's Like Jamais Vu All Over Again Writer: Michael Rauch & Constance M. Burge Director: Michael W. Watkins August 6, 2009 #109
Hank treats a girl who falls from a horse during an equestrian show.
150px Am I Blue? Writer: Jon Sherman & Carol Flint Director: Jay Chandrasekhar August 13, 2009 #110
Hank has to deal with Marshall Bryants's abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs after visiting his son Tucker for his seventeenth birthday. Marshall has other ideas than traditional rehab and after trying to do things his usual quick way almost ends up dead.
150px Nobody's Perfect Writer: Jessica Ball & Michael Rauch Director: Ken Girotti August 20, 2009 #111
Hank is in New York dealing with Boris' illness and the chance he might lose his medical license. Meanwhile, Divya and Evan are contracted to meet an unknown person for medical work and deal with an emergency involving the mysterious persons Captain and Mistress while on a yacht at sea.
150px Wonderland Writer: Andrew Lenchewski Director: Jace Alexander August 27, 2009 #112
Hank treats a hallucinating woman. Meanwhile, Charlie and Jill move in together, while Divya and Raj anguish over their engagement party.