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The second season of Royal Pains premiered on June 3, 2010 on the USA Network in the United States and concluded on February 24, 2011 .


Main charactersEdit

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Broadcasted episodesEdit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Spasticity Spasticity Writer: Andrew Lenchewski Director: Constantine Makris June 3, 2010 #201
Dr. Blair, who mentored Jill, tries to have her fired. A son tries to break free from his inventor father but his way of doing things turns out to be dangerous.

Lovesick Lovesick Writer: Michael Rauch Director: Allison Liddi-Brown June 10, 2010 #202
Ms. Newberg's heartbroken stepdaughter is hospitalized. Divya tries to add some excitement to her relationship with Raj.

Keeping the Faith Keeping the Faith Writer: Jack Bernstein & Michael Rauch Director: Dennis Smith June 17, 2010 #203
Hank and Evan learn their father Eddie is now living in the Hamptons. HankMed's latest case is a movie star who collapses.

Medusa Medusa Writer: Andrew Lenchewski & Constance M. Burge Director: Matthew Penn June 24, 2010 #204
Hank accompanies Boris out of the country for some gene therapy research. Meanwhile, Divya is irritated by his temporary replacement.

150px Mano a Mano Writer: Carol Flint & Jon Sherman Director: Matthew Penn July 1, 2010 #205
Boris's experimental treatments leave Hank scrambling to save his life. Meanwhile, Divya and Dr. Peck (Anastasia Griffith) aren't finding it easy to work together.

150px In Vino Veritas Writer: Jessica Ball Director: Michael W. Watkins July 15, 2010 #206
Tucker suspects that his best friend has a problem with drugs and alcohol, but Hank is able to diagnose a medical condition causing his problems. Divya meets a woman who works at the vineyard where the episode takes place and determines the cause of her ageusia.

Comfort's Overrated Comfort's Overrated Writer: Constance M. Burge Director: Ed Fraiman July 22, 2010 #207
Hank goes head-to-head with Emily Peck treating a patient, who despite having a shin injury, begins losing his vision. Evan, meanwhile, is approached by the patient's girlfriend with a bizarre proposition, while Divya treats a couple whose marriage has spontaneously collapsed, leading to an odd medical answer to their troubles.

150px The Hankover Writer: Carol Flint & Jon Sherman Director: Jay Chandrasekhar July 29, 2010 #208
Hank treats an old bully of his who doesn't seem to remember him. Divya and Jill have a hen's night, while Evan throws a bachelor party to ascertain Raj's loyalties to Divya.

Frenemies Frenemies Writer: Jack Bernstein Director: Wendey Stanzler August 5, 2010 #209
Jill's struggle for the free clinic against Dr. Blair continues, but the situation becomes complex when her estranged husband calls Hank to treat their son. Evan attempts to fit in with Paige's family, and Hank and Emily Peck's relationship develops.

Whole Lotto Love Whole Lotto Love Writer: Michael Rauch & Jessica Ball Director: Tawnia McKiernan August 12, 2010 #210
The team treat a lottery-winning couple who seem to have been struck with the "lottery curse". Divya treats a kidney-transplanted housekeeper while trying to ignore her budding attraction to her patient's employer.

Big Whoop Big Whoop Writer: Michael Rauch & Constance M. Burge Director: Michael W. Watkins August 19, 2010 #211
Tensions grows between Hank and Emily when they care for a patient together but disagree on the course of treatment. Evan concocts a cyber retaliation plan against Emily, who has managed to direct web traffic to her site.

Open Up Your Yenta Mouth and Say Ah Open Up Your Yenta Mouth and Say Ah Writer: Andrew Lenchewski Director: Ken Whittingham August 26, 2010 #212
Hank attempts to deal with a talkative socialite, whose indistinct condition leaves the whole team confused. Adam, the kidney donor from "Whole Lotto Love", calls Divya once again with problems of his own. Evan attempts to unravel the mystery of Eddie's covert meetings.

150px Mulligan Writer: Michael Rauch & Jon Sherman Director: Michael Rauch January 20, 2011 #213
On the green at the hospital's golf charity drive, Hank tries to help a golfer (Tom Cavanagh) with a hooked hand, while Jill begins to succumb to an exhausting condition. Boris considers options open to dealing with Eddie, and Divya strains her professional and personal life because of Adam.

150px Pit Stop Writer: Jack Bernstein & Jessica Ball Director: Matthew Penn January 27, 2011 #214
Jill's backyard is overtaken by jetsetting reality TV show stars, whose various health problems are complicated by the 24-hour cameras. Dr. Peck returns with a new deal, while Marisa tries to keep her pregnancy and career under control.

150px A History of Violins Writer: Teleplay: Jon Sherman & Carol Flint

Story: Alex Douglas & Jon Sherman & Carol Flint

Director: Dennie Gordon February 3, 2011 #215
HankMed treats an aspiring singer. Meanwhile, Evan overhears General Collins's plans for his Senate campaign, and Divya continues to worry about her emotional investment in Adam. Dr. Peck becomes Eddie's physician, which upsets Hank.

Astraphobia Astraphobia Writer: Andrew Lenchewski & Stuart Feldman Director: Ed Fraiman February 10, 2011 #216
With the storm of the year bearing down on the Hamptons, HankMed continues to search for Divya's replacement, while treating a park ranger who was struck by lightning. Divya treats a storm chaser whose high-risk lifestyle is at odds with her condition.

150px Fight or Flight Writer: Teleplay: Michael Rauch & Constance M. Burge

Story: Aubrey Villalobos & Michael Rauch & Constance M. Burge

Director: Michael Rauch February 17, 2011 #217
A year after a stock trader's friend dies in the emergency room, she begins to feel similar symptoms—which is concerning for her literal high-flying lifestyle. Raj's lateness for his wedding party for their American friends forces him to reveal a problem with the company, and Evan bites more off than he can chew while trying to deal with Paige's snoring.

150px Listen to the Music Writer: Andrew Lenchewski Director: Constantine Makris February 24, 2011 #218
Hank is worried that his patient had been misdiagnosed twenty years ago, and wants to get to the bottom of the case. Meanwhile, Divya and Raj take dance lessons in preparation for their wedding, but they end up as patients themselves. Eddie struggles to choose between a life on the run without his boys, or life in a low security prison with a chance to still see them occasionally. Jill is faced with the chance to take a job out of the country, or stay in her current job and maintain the clinic.